Ronnie reluctantly agrees to go to Ben and Peggy’s joint birthday party. Ronnie attempts to tell Phil that she has Louise, but she can’t find the right moment. Shirley accidentally shoves Ronnie and Ronnie drops Louise’s photo of Louise with Phil and Lisa. Shirley picks up the photo and hands it to a stunned Phil, who pins Ronnie against the wall and demands an explanation. Phil turns round to see a terrified Louise.

Shirley is convinced that Phil is going to propose after discovering the diamond ring in Phil’s shopping, but the prospect is making her nervous. Shirley downs some drinks for Dutch courage and heads to Ben and Peggy’s birthday party and drunkenly tells Phil she’ll marry him. Shirley is humiliated when Phil reveals he wasn’t intending to propose and the ring is Peggy’s birthday present.

Jean and Charlie are gutted when they discover that all their hard work fixing up the Square gardens has been ruined. Lucas hides his guilt well and is relieved that he’s diverted the residents from digging around Trina’s tree. Lucas promises to start up a community project to keep the vandals off the streets.

Also, Lucy tells Ian that she wants an abortion; Zainab reorganises the responsibilities at the Masala unit.

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