Phil finds out where Kathy’s staying

Phil gets a message from ‘K’ asking him to go to the park. When he arrives in the park, he’s surprised to see not Kathy, but Gavin, who tells him what happened after the incident at the rail station. Back in the Square, Tracey reveals that Kathy called for him, handing him an address.

When Ronnie realises that Kathy has asked Phil to meet her at a hotel, she insists on going with him. Gavin spots Phil and Ronnie getting into the car, following them to the hotel. When they arrive, Ronnie finds Kathy’s room number, not realising that Gavin has followed them. By the time they get to Kathy’s room, Gavin is already taking Kathy away.

At an airfield, Gavin explains to Kathy why she needs to go with him. Phil and Ronnie intervene, begging Kathy not to go. With Gavin and Phil both pleading with her to go with them, Kathy makes a decision, saying goodbye to Gavin.

Also, Sharon learns that Jane’s planning to stay in the Square for the trial after all, worrying when she sees Jane talking to Marcus.