Phil finds Shirley sleeping rough

Denise discovers that Shirley’s benefits have been cut after finding a letter she left at the B&B. At the Arches, Phil finds Shirley sleeping in one of the cars. Phil confronts Kim after Shirley claims Kim threw her out, learning from Denise that Shirley left because she can’t afford it now. Giving Denise money for a couple of month’s rent , Phil asks her not to tell Shirley it was from him.

Jean isn’t looking forward to her date with Ollie, still full of guilt about the restaurant. The date goes well, however, until Ollie reveals that he’s a policeman, making Jean nervous. Ollie calms her fears, ending the date with a kiss. When Ian later gets upset about his feud with Lucy as he’s struggling to run the businesses alone, Jean blurts out the truth about Scarlett’s!

Carl asks Kirsty for a drink after learning that Max is away from the Square. Although Kirsty turns down Carl, they reminisce about old times and Kirsty realises it’s his mum’s birthday. When Carl reveals his mum doesn’t know they’ve split, Kirsty offers to visit her at the care home with him, suggesting they break the news to her.

Also, Michael’s put out when Janine makes an effort for Danny.