Peggy is in a panic when Louise goes missing. Phil finds Louise leaving a florist carrying a bouquet for mum Lisa. Phil forces Louise to return home and is hurt when Louise reveals that Peggy told her that her mum wanted to see her. Phil accuses Peggy of trying to ruin his relationship with Louise. Peggy hits back that he’s not fit to be a father and Phil hits her around the face…

Carol, Whitney and Bianca are furious when Billie calls to say he was refused leave and they confront the army recruitment officer Lewis. The ladies are stunned when Lewis reveals that Billie took his leave and has gone on a weekend away with friends. Lewis flirts with Carol and gives her his business card asking her to call if she needs anything.

Vanessa apologises to Abi when Abi walks in on her and Max. Vanessa finds Tanya’s sister Rainie in the living room. Rainie asks Max where Tanya is and he tells her that Tanya has left him. Abi begs Max to let a ‘clean’ Rainie stay over. Max hesitates, but he agrees as a plan formulates to lure Tanya back to Walford.

Also, Chelsea tells a stunned Libby and Denise that she’s moving to Spain.

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