Phil gives Sharon an engagement ring!

Sharon and Jack are loved up after a weekend away, but Jack’s mood darkens on their return when Phil whisks Sharon away to talk about Lexi’s residency. As they go through what they’re going to say to social services, Jack is increasingly wound up by Phil’s over-familiarity. When Sharon reluctantly agrees to wear an engagement ring given to her by Phil it gets stuck and she can’t remove it!

Masood is despondent wondering how they’re going to pay the mortgage when he asks Syed for a loan, but he can’t help. Nearly tempted to gamble to raise the cash, Masood is stopped just in time by a returning AJ who has sold the motorbike and has enough to cover their debt. As the Masood men enjoy dancing girls and fireworks with the rest of the Square, the plug is suddenly pulled – by Zainab!

Christian continues to ignore Syed’s phone calls. When Lucy finds out that Christian and Syed have split up she encourages a downbeat Christian to talk to Syed and make things work. Taking Lucy’s advice, Christian visits Syed for a heart-to-heart. Although Syed begs Christian to come home he still can’t say ‘I love you’. Christian walks away.