Phil goes on the rampage

Peggy has told the girls about Phil’s drink problems and Ronnie refuses to let a desperate Phil help himself to the bar. Peggy is distraught at the state Phil’s in and she hides Ben away at the Brannings. When Max refuses to let Phil see Ben, Phil heads off in a rage. Peggy is horrified when she discovers that a cash-less Phil has ransacked the Arches in a bid to find money for drink.

Deano is freaked out by Lucy’s blackmail demands and he unwittingly admits to his and Chelsea’s fabrication. A smug Lucy tells Deano that she’s secretly recorded their conversation and Deano is forced to give her the cash. Chelsea is furious with Deano for being so stupid. The pair are later put in a difficult situation when a proud Denise arranges a magazine interview for the ‘heroes’.

Ian calls a family meeting but Lucy is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Lucy is in a B&B with Craig and she’s feeling increasingly out of her depth. Craig gets a bit too close and Lucy panics and calls her dad and leaves a desperate message. But will he hear it in time?

Also, guinea pig Marge goes into labour; Carly decides to leave Walford for a while.

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