Phil has a dark warning for Jay

Jay is confronted by Phil who reminds him in no uncertain words that he’s a Mitchell, insisting Jay can’t say anything to Max about the stolen cars. When Max later apologises to Jay for being harsh with him, Jay is conflicted, deciding to come clean about the cars Max got from Karin, despite Phil’s warning.

Aleks realises he was right about Charlie and Roxy and debates telling Ronnie, but can’t bring himself to do it. After Tamwar confronts him about the stolen money, Aleks decides there’s nothing left for him in the Square, agreeing to take a heartbroken Roxy with him. When Marta turns up Roxy realises Aleks belongs with Marta, telling him to go with her and Ineta. Later, Charlie stuns Roxy when he reveals he’s going to tell Ronnie he wants to be with Roxy!

Carol’s forced to go through Jim’s belongings on her own when Max refuses to help her. At the Vic, Carol throws a wobbly when she’s confronted with Sonia and Tina and their new matching tattoos. Snapping, Carol chucks Jim’s box of belongings on the floor. A worried Sonia talks to Carol, who confesses she’s still struggling to deal with having had cancer. Sonia encourages Carol to attend a support group.