Phil has a guilty conscience

Phil presents Shirley with an expensive engagement ring. Shirley’s convinced it’s a sign of a guilty conscience rather than given out of love. Ben tells Phil he knows he’s been cheating on Shirley with Glenda, and Phil begs him not to break Shirley’s heart. Meanwhile, Ronnie is rattled when she thinks Glenda might have guessed that James is really Tommy. Ronnie asks Phil to help her get Glenda out of the Square.

A suspicious Shirley goes on a detective mission when Phil cancels lunch and she follows Glenda to the club. Ronnie has called Glenda to the club and leaves her with Phil. Shirley creeps up to the office and overhears Phil and Glenda talking about their affair. Shirley bursts in and surprises a stunned Phil and Glenda – busted!

Jane is annoyed when Ian sells some of her food for the Queen Vic lunch menu to the cafe customers and she accuses him of taking her for granted. Ian tries to deny it but Tanya backs her friend up. Later, Ian brings a cake into the Vic with ‘will you marry me – again’ written on it. Ian asks Jane if she will renew their vows and a delighted Jane says ‘yes’.

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