Phil has a proposal for Sharon

Phil meets up with his solicitor Jimmie, who warns him to keep his businesses legit if he wants to get residency for Lexi. Jimmie also suggests being in a stable relationship would help. When immigration officers arrive at the Vic to question Phil over hiring illegal immigrants to redecorate, Sharon steps in and smoothly covers. Impressed, Phil suggests Sharon could help with the residency case – if they were a couple…

Masood suspects AJ bought the bike he brought home with the housekeeping money rather than fixing up the old one. Storming over to the pub to find him, Masood finds Tamwar with AJ and Syed and remembers it’s Tamwar’s birthday. AJ realises he’s been caught out and lies the bike is a birthday present. When Masood is miffed that he wasn’t invited for drinks, a frustrated Tamwar insists all he wants for his birthday is for his family to sit and enjoy a drink together.

Lauren is in a bad mood with Joey after finding out he kissed Whitney. The pair are thrown together at the car lot when Max gives Joey a job. When Lauren tells Joey he should confess to Lucy he cheated on her, Joey laughs it off, leaving Lauren exasperated with his cocky attitude.