Phil has found Sharon’s father

Sharon is furious when Phil is forced to come clean to her that Vincent now owns The Albert. Kicking Vincent and Kim out of the bar, Sharon confronts Phil, who reveals he forged her signature on a contract. Sharon vows that as soon as her real father is found, their marriage is over. Later, after speaking to Ritchie, Phil hands Sharon a piece of paper telling her he’s found her dad. Heading to the address, Sharon prepares to face her past.

Les is planning the funeral parlour’s Centenary celebrations, turning to Claudette for support. Little does he know that grandson Paul has arrived and spots them together. When Paul makes an impression on Lola she invites him in for coffee but he’s got his eye on someone else, slipping his mobile number into Ben’s jacket pocket. After a text from Ben they meet up and share a passionate kiss. Having considered leaving the Square without seeing Pam and Les, Paul changes his mind after his encounter with Ben.

Ben is frustrated when Abi invites him for drinks with her new work colleagues, insisting he do as she says. Meanwhile, Carol encourages Cindy to make a decision about her own future and Beth’s.