Peggy confesses to Phil that she’s left Louise with Lisa. Phil demands to know where Lisa is living, but Peggy lies she doesn’t know. Social worker Derek visits and Phil steals Lisa’s address from him. Phil heads to Lisa’s and kicks the door down, but the house is deserted. A devastated Phil returns to the Vic and rips the optics down from the bar and starts to drink heavily.

Meanwhile, Carol sees Rainie with a dodgy looking bloke. Rainie hands the man money she’s stolen from Carol’s purse. Rainie meets up with her drug dealer and buys some rocks of crack. Abi finds the crack hidden in Rainie’s coat and Max kicks her out. Rainie sits on Arthur’s bench and Phil joins her. Phil discovers Rainie has crack and with nothing left to lose he asks to do some with her.

Carol agrees to babysit for Bianca, but is suspicious when Bianca gets dressed up in a sexy outfit. Carol finds the packaging from a brand new sexy underwear set. When Carol finds out that the book club weren’t having a meeting she confronts Bianca and asks her what she’s been up to. Bianca is angry with Carol for spying on her and says she was having lunch with a friend.

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