Phil is questioned by police

Phil is being given a grilling about Stella’s death down at the station but he tells the police that he killed her! The police accuse him of wasting their time and show him the CCTV tape of the building that clearly shows that Stella jumped. Phil returns to the Vic in a terrible mood and later the former alcoholic pours himself a whiskey. Is he about to fall off the wagon?

Peggy has some explaining to do when her nieces Roxy and Ronnie turn up at the Vic for the wedding reception. The girls (played by Rita Simmons and Samantha Janus) make a big entrance but they’re greeted by silence. The sexy sisters are shocked to find out what’s gone on but they make the best of things. Although only a drooling Bradley and Deano are up for fun!

Bradley confronts Max about spilling the beans to Stacey that they had a chat about the fact that Stacey won’t have sex. Bradley tells a smug Max that because of his interference Stacey isn’t talking to him and Max secretly hopes things will stay that way.

Also, Bert leaves Walford when he realises that Jay no longer needs him.

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