Phil kicks out Jay!

Phil confronts Jay and warns him that unless he changes his statement about Ben he can forget about being a Mitchell. Jay stands up to Phil, insisting that it’s what Ben wanted. Phil is furious and throws out Jay, who wanders hopelessly around the Square attracting fury from many of the residents. Meanwhile, Shirley struggles in a police interview and Phil fears she’ll work out that he knew about Ben’s guilt all along.

Jay bumps into Patrick and breaks down. Feeling sorry for Jay, Patrick encourages him to open up, reminding him how far he’s come since he came to the Square. After a promise from Billy that he’ll always have a place for him, Jay is heartbroken when Billy tells him he can’t stay as he has Lola and Lexi to think about. Jay makes his way to the war memorial and sits brooding about everyone and everything he’s lost.

Ian hears the news of Ben’s arrest and blames himself, feeling responsible for his brother’s actions. Concerned about Ian’s state of mind, Lucy asks Sharon’s advice. Sharon decides to move into the Bed and Breakfast to give Ian space to recuperate. She promises Ian and Lucy she’ll be just across the road if they need anything.