Phil takes a call from social worker Derek who wants to come round for a meeting that afternoon. Peggy wants to be involved in the meeting and she and Phil realise that it’s about Louise. Phil and Peggy are shocked when Derek tells them that Lisa wants to see Louise. Phil tells Derek that Lisa is mentally unstable and she’s already abandoned Louise once.

It’s Libby‘s birthday and Liz gives her a picture of Owen. Meanwhile, Lucas has fallen asleep next to Denise and wakes to find her going through his pockets. Lucas talks about the murders and suggests to a shocked Denise that they commit suicide together. A desperate Denise stands up to Lucas and he breaks down. Denise escapes the cellar and emerges from the house, stunned to realise she’s next door to Patrick’s. As Chelsea and Patrick sing Happy Birthday to Libby, Denise turns the keys in the lock…

Max is horrified when he discovers that Darren has been looking up circumcision on the internet. Darren is defensive and tells him that he wants to have the op to please Jodie. Max thinks it’s a step too far and tells him to dump Jodie. Abi is hopeful when Darren tells Max that he’s found someone else he likes.

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