Phil is still puzzled over the photo of an identified man that was sent to him. Phil discovers another photo stuck to the front door. In the Arches, Jay finds a plastic bag stashed in a fuel tank. Phil grabs the bag and inside is another photograph with a date on it. Phil shows the picture to Pat, who recognises the man as a homeless guy who accidentally died in a fire set by Phil as an insurance job 17 years before.

Tyler takes Alfie’s advice to resolve the tension in the Moon house and attempts to get Jodie and Poppy talking. Tyler sends a text from Poppy’s phone to Jodie asking her to meet up. Poppy approaches Jodie and offers her an olive branch. They tell Anthony and Tyler that they’ve both decided to leave Walford. Jodie heads off to find Darren, while Poppy returns to her mum.

Afia and Tamwar are worried that Yusef and Zainab’s plans to remarry will not go down well with the Muslim community. Afia talks to Yusef, but he tells her that only Allah can judge them, not other people. Afia tells Tamwar that she doesn’t think things are going to get any easier for them.