Phil heads home after talking to Shirley, only to discover that Sharon has had to rush to the hospital after receiving an urgent call about Dennis. Phil rushes to the hospital and Sharon reveals that Dennis has contracted an infection. Phil hides his guilt as Sharon vows never to forgive Ian for what he’s done. Unable to keep his secret any longer, Phil admits that he was driving the car…

Martin has taken Stacey and the baby back home. Desperate to keep them safe, he promises Stacey he won’t leave them alone. As Stacey’s psychosis intensifies, Martin is at a loss over what to do. When Nancy calls to say she has Stacey’s phone, Martin heads out to retrieve it, telling Alfie that Stacey is sleeping and can’t be disturbed. Alfie later asks after Stacey and Martin almost blurts out the truth. Instead, he continues to keep the extent of her illness a secret.

Kat is furious with Belinda’s accusation that she killed Charlie. As the pair argue, Alfie jumps to Kat’s defence. Later, Kat opens up to Alfie about her conversation with Sister Ruth. Knowing he has to tell the truth, Alfie confesses to Kat that his tumour has grown, leaving Kat fearful for their future.

Also, can Kush persuade Shabnam not to leave?