Phil may regret insulting Mandy…

Mandy has a run in with Phil, who’s insulting and calls her a prostitute then asks her for a lap dance. Ian angrily defends Mandy to Phil. Mandy later turns up at the club and tells Phil she’ll do the lap dance he requested. Mandy has arranged for Shirley and Ian to turn up and witness it all. Shirley is furious and Ian is delighted by Mandy’s prank.

Tyler prepares for his big fight and notices Whitney watching him. Tyler invites Whitney to the fight, but she turns him down. Meanwhile, Jack discovers that Michael has booked a boxer called Stiller to fight Tyler. Jack’s worried about Stiller’s violent reputation. Michael hints to Jack he’s fixed the match so there’s no danger to Tyler, but Jack wants Michael to find another fighter.

Vanessa tells Eddie that Tyler is fighting in an unlicensed match and confronts Michael. With some quick thinking, Michael convinces Eddie that the fight is a good idea and he encourages Eddie to attend. Michael is annoyed that Vanessa told Eddie about Tyler’s fight. Vanessa tries to back out of Michael’s scheme to break Eddie, but Michael blackmails her into continuing. He tells her that together they will break Eddie’s heart.