Phil Mitchell is accompanied by his family when he’s called into the hospital to talk about his liver. Now that Phil has been sober for six months, the doctor reveals that Phil has been approved for the transplant list. It’s not all good news, however, as Phil is advised that he may not get a liver in time.

Later, Ronnie realises that Phil is still feeling down. She pleads with Phil not to give up when he confesses he doesn’t feel that he deserves a new liver. Will he go through with the transplant tests?

Whitney and Lee move into their new flat. Whitney’s concerned that Lee is not as happy about it as he should be. Worried that she’s done something wrong, Whitney confides in Johnny, who tries to reassure her. When Lee returns from work in a good mood, Whitney is hopeful that things have improved. But he’s soon in a dark mood yet again.

Also, Jack takes a reluctant Ronnie to visit properties in Essex. Despite Jack’s enthusiasm, Ronnie shares her doubts about moving home.