Phil Mitchell comes face-to-face with returnee Mel!

Phil Mitchell is seriously worried about Ben and arranges to meet up with Mel but doesn’t expect to see her in his house!

Phil uses Billy’s phone in a bid to meet up with Mel, as he’s still concerned about Ben. He is left stunned, however, when she turns up at the Mitchells’! Phil threatens to go to Ciara but when Mel talks to Phil about the problems with her own son, Phil realises that he and Mel need to work together. Discussing the job, Phil and Mel conclude that Mick was the most desperate for money out of everyone and resolve to start their search with him.

Stacey is distraught that Martin won’t let her see the kids and she keeps a watch on the house from the Square. Feeling bad for Stacey, Sonia tries to intervene with Martin but he refuses to back down. Bex is left to calm down Stacey when she tries to see the kids. When one of the children is put in a potentially dangerous situation, Martin finally sees sense and lets Stacey talk to them. But after things go sour yet again, Martin tells Bex that they are his kids, and he’ll fight for them all the way.

Tiffany takes Whitney out for lunch but Whit soon realises that Tiff has set her up with Halfway. Whitney and Halfway resolve to stick around and get to know each other anyway.

Also, Masood is forced to tell Arshad about the boozy nature of his new job!