Phil Mitchell issues threat to Willmott Brown: Stay away from Kathy or else

Phil Mitchell sets off to confront Willmott Brown and warn him to stay well away from Kathy, following Ian’s plea to keep his mum safe.

Sharon is suspicious that Phil is up to something and confides in Michelle and Ian – who worries that Sharon will find out that he asked him to help keep Kathy safe from her attacker. Keeping his dealings with Phil quiet from Sharon, Ian tries to reassure her that he is fine. Meanwhile, Phil is on his way to see Willmott Brown…

Fi feels under pressure when Wilmott Brown questions whether she’s up to carrying out their plan. Determined to prove to her father she can do the job, when she meets up with Max she apologises for her behaviour.

Max softens when Fi promises to help with Carmel’s situation and she and Max are reunited. Fi comes up with an idea to win over the Carters and when she leaves them happy, she passes on the good news to Willmott Brown.