Phil organises a blackmail sting

It’s DS Phil Hunter’s last day in uniform and while out on the beat with Pc Leela Kapoor, the two officers witness a mugging and Phil races after the assailant. During the chase, the mugger drops the bag and escapes, leaving Phil to discover £15,000 in cash in the bag. When the victim, Adam Labowski, tells Phil that he was on his way to buy a car, Phil doesn’t buy his story.

When Phil and Leela visit Adam at work and spot him with a young woman, Gemma Collins, Adam confesses that they are being blackmailed. Phil organises an undercover operation to catch the blackmailer, with Adam at the centre of the sting. But then Phil learns that the sting has been rumbled…

Back at Sun Hill, Martin Turnbull tells Supt. John Heaton and DC Terry Perkins that he’s been receiving threatening phone calls from Ray Moore. Eager to keep him as a witness, Heaton assures him that he’ll be protected. Later, Pcs Emma Keane and Reg Hollis attend the scene of an RTA where a woman, Tracey Roberts, is badly injured. Reg discovers that the car belongs to Martin – and Tracey’s his sister.

Just how far will Ray go to stop Martin from testifying against him?