Phil packs his bags

Max is fuming when Bradley boasts that he’s finally had sex with Stacey. When Stacey walks into the Vic, Max hopes to get some time alone with her but Bradley, Tanya and Charlie follow her in. Stacey announces that she wants to bring the wedding forward to the autumn. Bradley is delighted, but Max later corners Stacey and warns her that he’s not done with her yet.

Ian is still angry with Phil for putting Ben at risk and he tries to take Ben home, but a loyal Ben insists on staying with his dad. Peggy suggests that she, Phil and Ben visit Grant in Portugal when Ronnie and Roxy offer to stay and look after the pub. Phil packs his bags, and hides a bottle of scotch in his suitcase.

Jase is causing a stir among the women of Walford and he makes their day when he strips to his boxers in the launderette. Honey is her usual sweet self and chats to Jase while he waits for his washing. But Billy isn’t pleased to find that his wife’s been spending her day with a half-naked hunk!

Also, Lucy flirts with new chippie assistant Craig; Libby celebrates her birthday.

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