Phil is shocked by Ben’s request and he’s stumped for words. Phil confides in Peggy and she’s surprised that he doesn’t seem keen to marry. Stella is frustrated by Phil’s reticence to pop the question and she puts pressure on Ben to talk Phil into proposing. A frightened Ben cries to Phil and tells him that he doesn’t want to lose another mum. Stella ups the stakes and pretends that she’s been offered a job in Manchester. Phil realises he can’t let her leave Walford and he proposes.

May’s façade finally cracks after Rob’s betrayal and she smashes up the flat with Rob’s golf clubs. Jane takes May to the Vic, but May is confronted by Rob accompanied by a very smug Dawn. Dawn orders champagne and raises her glass to May, who is trembling with anger. May flings her wedding ring at Rob and leaves, but breaks down on Jane, who encourages her to take revenge.

Dot’s miffed when she arrives at the launderette to find Yolande getting stuck into the service washes and she’s even more annoyed when Yolande suggests they introduce a ‘no smoking’ rule. Yolande tries to stop Shirley smoking and Dot defends her. Shirley encourages Dot not to let Yolande throw her weight around.

Also, Darren plays a trick on Tanya and puts up posters advertising a free perm at Booty for the blue-rinse brigade; Billy and Honey lose out on Ian and Jane’s house when Ian insists he can rent it for more money.

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