Phil pulls a gun on Archie

Peggy tells a furious Phil she’s invited Archie for dinner to talk things through. Phil heads over to Archie’s and threatens to shoot him. Ben has discovered that Phil has a gun and he desperately bangs on Archie’s door and stops Phil in his tracks. Peggy finds Phil drunk with a sobbing Ben and decides they need to get away from Walford and Archie for a while.

Christian is upset when Syed tells him that their evening together was a mistake. Syed despairingly asks Zainab why he can’t just be who he wants to be and Zainab advises him to be true to himself. Syed asks Amira, Zainab and Christian to meet him in the Vic as he’s got an announcement. A hopeful Christian is crushed when Syed proposes to Amira.

Max rebuffs Stacey’s advances and she accuses him of having another woman. Later, Stacey finds Max in the cafe and reminisces about their relationship. Stacey makes another attempt to find out who Max is seeing, but she’s hurt when he refuses to say and insists his ‘new woman’ is better than her in every way.

Also, Ian and Janine get the kids ready for the talent contest; Roxy lies to Ronnie that Jack has a new girlfriend.

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