Phil puts the Arches up for sale

Peggy reveals that Grant has offered to re-mortgage his house to help them out. Phil phones Grant and insists that he’s got everything sorted. Phil tells Ricky he’ll be out of a job as he’s selling the Arches. Pat makes Phil an offer. Peggy is horrified when she sees the For Sale sign and feeling betrayed by Phil she announces she’s going to Portugal to visit Grant.

Denise and Lucas pack for their honeymoon. Lucas panics when he sees a council worker by Trina’s tree. The council worker insists he has to check the roots, but Lucas talks him round. Libby wonders who planted the tree for Jordan. Denise tells Lucas she knows it was him, but promises not to tell Jordan. Lucas nervously glances at the tree as he and Denise head off on honeymoon.

Max is irritated when Ian shows off his new hot tub. Max offers Ian a special deal on insurance, but Ian won’t take the bait. Max tells Mas about Ian’s new hot tub and Mas is annoyed that Ian is spending money rather than repaying the Masala Queen loan in full.

Also, Liz seduces Charlie; Darren gives his holiday savings to Heather for the baby.

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