Phil is frantic when he and Rainie lose their last rock of crack. Phil orders Rainie to get some more, but she’s incapable. Phil grimly heads out, but his cash card is eaten by the cash machine. Minty is worried about Phil and tells Phil he needs to stop drinking and accept some help from Peggy.

Outside the Vic Pat gives Peggy a book about positive thinking. Peggy tells Pat that she wants the Vic back. Minty finds Peggy and says he needs to talk about Phil, but Peggy doesn’t want to talk about him. A gutted Phil overhears and storms out without hearing Peggy’s admission that she’s worried about him.

Peggy gets out her pub name plaque as a talisman to get her the Vic back. Roxy wants to make an announcement and Peggy thinks she’s got her hopes up for nothing. Roxy announces that she’s going into partnership with Jack and Ronnie and Peggy will be the new landlady of the Vic. While Peggy celebrates a desperate Phil is searching through the bins to find the lost rock of crack…

Also, Bianca reveals that ‘Bobby’ is Ricky and they’ve been spicing up their love life with some role-playing; Billie leaves the Square for good after dumping Whitney.

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