Phil realises Rainie is a problem that needs sorting

Ian confesses to Phil that he was with Rainie on the night that Lucy died. To explain his secrecy, Ian insists that if the news comes out it could undermine his statement and ruin things with Denise. When Phil finds out Rainie is blackmailing Ian and Mick and Patrick know, Phil tells Ian that Rainie is a problem that needs sorting…

Dean gets punters into the pub for Linda’s drinks promotion, despite the gossip about Mick’s arrest. Helping her to bring the TV into the bar so people will stay to watch Ian’s TV appeal, Dean’s flirting is met with a frosty response. After Phil kicks off about the appeal being entertainment, Linda accuses Mick of putting Ian before his family. Dean later comforts Linda, moving in for a kiss. When she slaps him, it only stokes Dean’s desire further.

Jay talks Abi into going to the pub to take her mind off her exam results, meeting up with Lauren, Whitney, Peter and Lola. When the girls spot Dean checking out Lauren, they convince her to talk to him. Jealous when Lauren flirts with Dean, Peter makes an excuse to leave.

Also, the police appeal to talk to a man in a beanie hat who got off at the same stop as Lucy.