Shirley ropes Heather into helping her cook a fry-up for Phil after their night together. When Phil finally emerges from the bedroom Shirley kisses him, but Phil freezes. Shirley goes for a shower and Phil makes a hasty exit. Shirley tries to pretend she doesn’t care, but it’s clear she’s hurt.

Heather lets slip to Ben and Jay that Phil spent the night with Shirley. Phil is angry when he finds out that Ben knows about them and he swears him to secrecy then drunkenly confronts Heather for telling Ben. Phil tells Heather it’s over between him and Shirley. Heather begs a ranting Phil not to break Shirley’s heart and locks him in the Arches to sober up.

Tamwar is suspicious that Syed is after money when he turns up on the doorstep claiming that he wants to apologise to Masood. Tamwar persuades Syed to keeps his distance for a while and he lends his brother some cash and packs him off to the station. Syed has an encounter with Janine and Tamwar is stunned when he sees Syed heading into her house…

Also, Whitney agrees to spend the evening with Todd, but is angry when she finds a condom in his wallet.