Phil gets a text from Ronnie telling him that Carl won’t be a problem any more. When Shirley finds Phil clearing the rest of Carl’s things out of the flat, Phil confides that Ronnie has got rid of him. Seeing Lola and Peter kissing in the distance, Phil is furious, confronting Ian and reminding him to keep the pair apart. When Ian has a go at Peter for going against Phil, Peter blows up, telling Ian that he won’t be pushed around by Phil.

Whitney hints to Johnny that they should go out and is disappointed when he suggests Nancy comes too. In the Vic, Nancy has a run-in with Dexter when she won’t serve him without ID. When Dexter accidentally brushes past her, Nancy punches him. After Linda has a go at Nancy for her hot temper, Nancy hits back that Linda knows nothing about her kids – and reveals Johnny is gay!

Kat is horrified to realise that Alfie is selling the same stock as her and Bianca on his new market stall. Realising he’s charging less than them, Kat and Bianca undercut him. As the competition heats up, Kat and Alfie fall out with each other. At home alone, Kat doubles up, clutching her stomach in pain.