DS Phil Hunter’s first day back in CID starts badly when he’s splashed by a stolen car speeding through a puddle. A track on the vehicle leads Pcs Lewis Hardy and Roger Valentine to an address where 15-year-old Todd Bailey is arrested for joyriding and taken to Sun Hill for questioning.

Phil and DS Stuart Turner are soon grilling Todd about the incident. But when Todd’s brother Connor asks if a man named Murray Taylor is involved, Stuart quickly wraps up the interview and lets Todd off with a caution. Later, the officers turn up at Murray’s house to find he’s been assaulted by Connor.

After being arrested, Connor reveals that Todd wants to get hold of a gun to impress Murray. Then it’s discovered that Todd and Murray share a special bond…

DI Sam Nixon and DI Neil Manson are called to an incident where Sken gang member, Wesley Meeks, has been shot. Later in hospital, Sam hears Wesley whisper the name Ray Moore just before he dies. Ray is arrested on suspicion of murder and Heaton demands to know how Wesley and Ray are connected.

Later, Lewis discovers that the red scorpion tag that’s been sprayed onto all of Ray’s properties belonged to Wesley. But Heaton is left frustrated when Ray claims that the two never met.