Phil reunites with Louise!

Phil now has a recent photo of Louise and Jack has also tipped him off on the area that she is living in. Peggy warns Phil to play a long game to get her, but Phil is impatient. Phil waits outside Louise’s school and follows when she is picked up. Phil snatches a brief conversation with an unwitting Louise, but he’s devastated he realises that she has a ‘new dad’. He punches Jack for holding back the information.

Carly and Denise prepare to leave on their round-the-world trip and Shirley is desperate to make her peace with Carly, but they part with their differences still unresolved. Denise and Carly leave the Square. A miserable Shirley nearly gets run over by Vinnie – again! But she cheers up when he takes her for a curry.

Max hints to Stacey that Sean has a new girlfriend and she wonders what he’s hinting at. Stacey confronts Sean, but he refuses to tell her who he’s seeing. Stacey goes to Tanya’s and finds Sean there and she is not impressed. But neither is Tanya when she learns that Sean knew about Max and Stacey’s affair.

Also, Steven moves in with Ian and Jane, much to Jane’s aggravation.

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