Phil has shock news for Sharon!

Sharon’s Christmas plans are ruined when Phil makes an announcement in EastEnders.

Sharon plans to make Christmas special for Phil but she’s taken aback when he insists he’d rather spend the day on his own. Trying to win him round, Sharon buys him a posh armchair, but is disappointed by his reaction. With Phil putting his foot down about needing space, Sharon is forced to agree.

Gathering the family together, Sharon reveals that she’s booked a pub lunch for Christmas Day, as Phil wants to be on his own. Horrified by the idea, Louise protests. Quieting Louise’s objections, Sharon makes it clear they need to respect Phil’s wishes. But will she really go along with Phil’s demands?

Mick is concerned when Linda refuses to put up the traditional Santa’s Grotto. After turning to Jack for help, Mick comes up with an idea to get Linda into the festive spirit. Linda guesses what Mick’s up to… But will his plan still work?

Also, Ian won’t give Martin time off to attend Lily’s Nativity play.