Heather plagues Phil with texts to convince him to make Shirley stay. Phil heads over to Shirley’s, but he hands over her wages and Heather is upset. Heather’s revelation plays on Phil’s mind and he confronts Shirley about leaving. Shirley challenges Phil to make her stay and he gives her a passionate kiss. Afterwards, Shirley is devastated when Phil insists sleeping together was a big mistake.

Tony lies to Ricky that he caught Whitney sneaking out to a gig. Ricky is suspicious, but agrees to let things lie, after warning Tony that if he’s violent with any of the kids he’ll have him to deal with. Later, Lauren is locked out of Jack‘s and takes her chips to the park bench. Whitney is waiting for Tony at home, but he finds Lauren and encourages her to confide in him about her problems.

Denise tells a delighted Chelsea, Libby and Patrick that she and Lucas are back together. Denise looks stunning for her date with Lucas and they share a tender kiss. Denise asks Lucas in ‘for coffee’, but Lucas makes it clear that he won’t have sex until he’s married!

Also, Ian busts Lucy’s scam and she declares she’s going to go up against Peter in the school elections!

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