Phil takes hundreds of pounds from the Vic till. Glenda has been left alone behind the bar and she makes a half-hearted attempt to stop Phil, but she’s enjoying the drama. Phil gives the money to Rainie and orders her to get more drugs. Left on his own, Phil looks at a picture of the family and viciously smashes it.

Back at the Vic, Peggy is furious with Glenda for letting Phil steal from the till. Ronnie and Roxy ask Peggy to help them prepare for the club’s re-launch and Glenda is jealous. At the re-launch Peggy and Glenda argue. Peggy is stunned when Glenda lets slip that she knew Archie was sexually abusing Ronnie and did nothing to protect her daughter…

Bianca thinks Carol needs some romance in her life and she gets the number of the Army Recruitment Officer Lewis. Carol calls Lewis and leaves a message, but she’s not hopeful of a response. Bianca and Whitney glam up Carol for the club re-launch, but Carol feels unconfident. Carol says she’s not interested in men and ignores calls from Lewis who wants to arrange a date.

Also, Shirley and Heather fend off the bailiffs; Darren has his circumcision then gets kneed by Vanessa’s hubby Harry!

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