Phil takes his anger out on Ben

Archie admits defeat when Peggy hands him back his engagement ring but he talks everyone into one last supper. At the dinner table Sean has a black eye and Ronnie and Phil have sour faces. Ronnie storms off when Archie gives Roxy and Sean a cheque for 10k as a wedding present. Meanwhile, Phil argues with Ben and drags him away from the table, threatening to ‘tan his backside’.

Ian finds a leaflet for Masala Masood after spotting Peter and Tamwar up to something on the laptop and he realises that Peter has gone over to the other side! Ian places a fake order with Masala Masood and his suspicions are confirmed when he sees Peter with the order, struggling to find the fake address he gave. Ian confronts Peter.

Suzy needs somewhere to stay and tries to talk Max into letting her crash at the flat. Max insists the flat is too small and he’s left suspicious when he picks up her handbag and it weighs a ton. Suzy has no luck hunting for a place and Max reluctantly agrees to let her move in. Later, Suzy buries something at the allotments…

Also, Vinnie pleads with Shirley not to give up on their relationship, but she’s not interested.

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