Stella wants Ben to know she’s in charge and she engineers another incident to force a wedge between him and Phil. Stella rips up Phil’s account book and blames Ben for it. Phil is furious when Ben refuses to own up and he decides to sort out the bullies and Ben’s bad behaviour and punches bully Jez’s dad Vince. Stella tells Ben that Phil thinks he’s a coward and that he still needs her protection. Ben ‘confesses’ to tearing up Phil’s accounts to keep Stella happy.

Ian is still having little luck getting his family to move into the Fowlers, but even he’s unnerved when he takes Pauline’s ashes into the night cafe and Dot tells him that Pauline will watch over him! Lucy is still refusing to move in, but Ian tries to bribe her and Peter and he buys Jane a new bed. But his plan comes unstuck when Phil signs for the bed on delivery and gives it to Billy and Honey!

Darren is suspicious about Li’s sudden riches and he’s furious when Mickey innocently tells Darren that Li picked up a load of computers when Billy’s internet cafe closed down. Darren hints to Mickey about the fact that Billy’s computers were stolen, but Mickey doesn’t see what he’s getting at. Darren is disgusted by Li and tells Libby that they’re stopping their fake brides site as he doesn’t want pictures of Li on there any more.

Also, Yolande encourages Dot to stay at the launderette; Libby looks at lonely hearts websites; and May’s upset when Rob takes Dawn to meet his parents.

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