Sharon’s taken aback to arrive at R&R to find Janine in the office. Discovering the accounts are late, Janine pressures Sharon to sort it out. A harassed Sharon is grateful when Phil asks Jean to help at the club. After suggesting that Sharon and Dennis live with him, Phil moves in for a kiss, telling Sharon that he loves her and wants to be with her. Initially rejecting Phil, Sharon later has a change of heart and passionately kisses him.

Liam is horrified when Tiff comes home from school with a stolen MP3 player given to her by Ali, one of the girls who hangs out with the gang. Realising things have gone too far, Liam tells Bianca, as well as confessing to getting threatening texts. Although they’re reassured by the police after a call from Bianca, Liam thinks he should live with Ricky. Bianca is adamant she wants him with her.

Michael hides his worry from Kat when she finds out that he’s had a letter from Janine’s solicitor. Talking to his own solicitor, Michael realises that Janine has a better chance of getting Scarlett than he thought. Realising he needs money to fight Janine, Michael tries to sell his share of the gym but both Ian and Phil turn him down.