Phil threatens Connor

Phil tells Connor he’s going to teach him a lesson. Phil moves towards Connor, but they are interrupted by Carol who threatens to call the police. Carol bundles Connor out of the Arches and back to Glenda’s flat. Connor tells Carol he only hung out with Whitney because he wanted to make Carol jealous. Carol tells Connor he can stay and they passionately kiss.

Kat’s contractions were a false alarm and she’s still waiting to have the baby. Kat is worried about Jean when she disappears in the bathroom for an unusually long time. Kat finds Jean fully clothed in the bath under the water. Kat pulls a confused Jean out of the water and holds her tight as Jean stares into space.

Ryan slips out of Janine’s hospital room. Janine desperately tries to pull the alarm chord as she struggles to breathe, but she can’t reach. Ricky comes into the room just in time and shouts for help. Janine tells Pat that Ryan tried to kill her. Pat tells Ricky she knows that Janine tried to frame Stacey. Pat confronts Ryan about trying to murder Janine and when he admits it she tells him she wants nothing more to do with either of them.

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