Phil is back and gets his feet back behind the family table by arranging a lunch. When Phil starts handing out large sums of cash, Sharon is astonished. Demanding to know where the money came from, Sharon is seething when Phil reveals it’s a loan from Grant to get the Arches back. When Sharon confiscates the money, Phil pays Max a visit with a threat that Max can’t ignore.

Alfie is horrified when Mo confesses that she took Harry’s cash for Kat. Agreeing to hear out Mo, Alfie grudgingly concedes that it’s for the best. After Mo leaves Alfie money for Kat to pass off as his own, Alfie ends up making Kat suspicious. Forced to admit that the money is from Harry, Alfie is stunned when Kat goes off the deep end, taking drastic action after finding the money in Mo’s bedroom.

Stan is allowed out of hospital following his collapse. Worried for her dad, Tina convinces a reluctant Mick to let Stan return to The Vic. When Cora moves in along with Stan, however, the Carters realise they’ve got more than they bargained for!

Also, Cindy turns down Ian and Jane’s suggestion about Beth.