Will Jay give in to Phil’s threats and tell him where Ben is?

Phil is losing patience with Jay and insists that he give up where Ben has fled to but Jay doesn't take kindly to Phil's threats.

Phil is desperate to get hold of Ben so he finds Jay in a bid to convince him to tell him where Ben has disappeared to. Jay refuses to help out and storms out on Phil. Later, Jay breaks down – as recent events including Abi’s death – finally get to him. Exhausted with protecting Ben, he gives Phil his phone so Phil can call him…

Mel is under pressure when Ciara contacts her to insist she gets her money. Paying a visit to Louise, Mel tries to get some information out of her. She soon talks Louise into taking her to the Mitchells so she can secretly snoop. Sharon, however, gets home and catches Mel at it, demanding to know what she’s up to.

Masood has a lot of making up to do with Mariam after stealing her samosa recipe. In a bid to help Masood make amends, Arshad suggests that Masood agree to meet up with the woman that Mariam has lined up for him. Masood does his best to impress his date Noor but will it go to plan?

Also, Jay is sombre when he’s delivered a package with Abi’s coffin plaque.