Phil throws out Sharon!

Waking an unconscious Sharon, Phil snatches the pill bottle from Lexi. After a shaken Sharon counts the pills to confirm Lexi hasn’t swallowed any, a furious Phil forces Sharon to admit she’s addicted again. Phil’s not fooled when Sharon dramatically throws away the pills, finding more stashed in her bag. Phil chucks a devastated Sharon out onto the street.

Billy and Ava get off to a good start, but Billy accidentally puts a dampener on the evening by reminding her of Sam’s attempt to reconnect with Dexter. Although it’s clear Ava’s old feelings for Sam have been stirred up, Billy moves in for a kiss. When Billy realises Ava’s heart isn’t in it, Ava can’t deny that she doesn’t still have feelings for Sam.

Jack visits Max and is despondent when Max doesn’t try to talk him round after he declares there’s nothing for him in Walford. After being rebuffed by Michael, who is angry about being left to run the gym on his own, Jack feels alone. A loving wave from Amy, who has spotted him from the Vic window, gives him some comfort.

Also, Max is suspicious when Kirsty avoids a mystery caller on her mobile.