Phil finds a hungover Shirley loitering outside the Arches. Taking her back home, Phil has to deal with an unimpressed Sharon. Assuming that Shirley’s recent state is to do with Dean not wanting to have anything to do with her, Phil tracks down Dean at a barber’s shop where he works. Leaving Shirley with Sharon is not Phil’s best idea, however, as the ladies are soon throwing insults!

At the barber’s, Phil tries to reason with Dean, who eventually drops the attitude and agrees to listen to what Phil has to say. Returning to the Square, Phil finds Shirley on her own nursing a bottle of wine. Trying to reassure Shirley that he’ll help her sort things out only makes her more upset. Shirley runs out of the house, with Phil chasing after her.

Carol falls out with David after learning that he knew about Max’s fling with Lucy, while she’s also furious with Max. When David finds out that an angry Carol has cancelled her hen party, he tries to make amends by organising a surprise ‘hen afternoon’ for her and the girls. Meanwhile, Liam is still suspicious that David’s got something going on with Nikki. When Nikki calls David’s phone, Liam picks it up to warn her off and Bianca overhears…