Phil tries to stop Lucy going to the police

Phil is keen to stop Lucy going to the police after learning that Ian is missing. Lucy is grateful when Phil pays a demanding Janine enough to cover Ian’s rent. Jay is shocked when he questions Ben’s odd attitude around Lucy and Ben reveals he told Ian the truth about Heather. Ben and Jay worry that Phil has had Ian killed. Ben panics and encourages Lucy to go to the police. Lucy tells Ben and Phil she doesn’t want the police involved – she wants Phil to find Ian.

Cora sends Lauren to meet up with Alice and convince her to see Derek again. Derek is delighted when Alice visits to talk things through. Alice brings up Tanya and leaves when Derek is spiteful about her. Cora finds Alice in the Vic and gives her Derek’s letter. Meanwhile, Derek warns Tanya to keep out of his business or she’s dead.

Janine tells Michael that she realises his faith means a lot to him and she wants to give him a church wedding. When Michael insists he’s not bothered she pushes the point. Janine invites the Reverend round, but Michael stirs by bringing up Janine’s past marriages. Janine changes her mind about the church when the Reverend suggests Janine attend a ‘Widow to Wife’ course!