Phil finds Martin at the railway bridge holding a terrified Ben and he tries to talk Martin down, but Martin refuses to listen. A desperate Phil tells Martin that he’ll call Sonia if he’ll let go of Ben but when Martin takes the phone, Sonia hangs up on him. A defeated Martin lets go of Ben and Ian tries to comfort him, but Martin runs off. Martin is stunned when he sees Rebecca.

Carly is keen for Shirley to leave the house as soon as possible, but Shirley keeps stalling. She promises to leave – as soon as she’s helped out with a last dinner with the family. Shirley disappears on an errand to the shops and Carly is furious when she later finds her in the pub. Carly starts chucking drinks at Shirley, but Shirley is unrepentant and tells Kevin that she’s staying in Walford after all.

Dawn is pleased when Rob spots her and comes over to talk to her, but her heart sinks when his first question is about the baby and he makes out that their relationship was nothing but a fling. Rob is disturbed when he discovers that Dawn has unexpectedly taken a day off after their conversation and he calls her. Dawn bluntly tells Rob that she’s at the abortion clinic and she’s having a termination that day.

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