Phil wages war on Patrick

Phil finds graffiti on the cafe that says ‘racist’. Phil takes Ben to the Vic for lunch and when they bump into Patrick, Phil tells Alfie to bar him. Alfie and Kat refuse and Kim calls Phil a racist. Phil insists he just wants an apology from Patrick and when he doesn’t get what he wants he throws everyone out of the pub, including Alfie and Kat! Ben’s scared when Jay thinks Phil’s on the edge of completely losing it.

Eddie and the Moon brothers prepare for a visit from Craig. Michael sets up a fun treasure hunt and Eddie gives all his sons a half moon pendant. Craig tells Eddie when he overhears Michael demanding that Vanessa dump Eddie. Michael claims that Vanessa is a gold digger when Eddie confronts him. Eddie finds a bag full of cash in Vanessa’s belongings and leaves a note saying ‘I know’.

Whitney sees Tyler and asks for a kiss and is hurt when he tells her to stop hassling him. Tyler later confesses that Anthony has told him about her past. Fat Boy comforts an upset Whitney and gives her the courage to stand up to Tyler. Whitney tells Tyler that he will never be as strong as her.