Phil warns Archie to leave Walford

Phil is back from his holiday, but Peggy avoids revealing that Archie has returned. Archie books a table at Fargo’s and tells Peggy that he’ll be waiting for her. Archie is pleased when Peggy turns up and he’s hopeful when she confesses that she still has her wedding ring. Later, Phil confronts Archie and tells him to leave Walford, but Archie insists he’s not leaving unless Peggy tells him to.

Christian tries to make Syed jealous by pretending he’s got a date. Syed takes the bait and they bicker. Christian and Syed end up scuffling over a jar and the contents spill down Christian’s shirt. Christian pushes Syed to admit that he’s gay and he has feelings for him, but Syed insists that he’s a good Muslim and he wants a wife and a family.

Stacey is troubled when she gets divorce papers through. Jean finds Stacey plastered in make-up and rambling about making a fresh start after the divorce by becoming a model. Jean wipes the make-up off Stacey’s face and tells her that she doesn’t need Bradley, and Stacey signs the divorce papers.

Also, Tanya plays hard to get with Max; Bianca agrees to let Janine enter Tiff in the talent contest for a cut of the winnings.

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