Lola lets slip to Billy that she and Peter are looking for a place together. Upset at the thought of losing Lola and Lexi, Billy suggests that Peter move in with them. Lola and Peter are keen on the idea, but Phil proves to be a problem. When Billy broaches the subject with Phil, he’s furious, insisting it can’t happen. Not willing to back down, Billy argues the case with Phil.

Ian gets it into his head that he wants to take the restaurant in a new direction, which rattles Peter and Lucy. When Ian loses his temper with Peter over nothing on the stall, Sharon has to intervene. Admitting to Sharon that he’s struggling, Ian confesses that he’s been trying to propose to Denise. After encouragement from Sharon, Ian asks Denise to come over, but he’s in shock when someone else arrives at the door…

Linda is awkward around Johnny after finding out he’s gay. When Johnny overhears Linda talking about it to Mick, he’s hurt by her attitude. Mick reassures Johnny that Linda just needs time. An argument between Linda and Shirley in the Vic sees Shirley blurting out Johnny’s sexuality to the bar. Linda admits to Mick that she can’t come to terms with it.