The Range Rover lies motionless on an incline following the crash and is dangerously close to a lake. Phil, Billy and Ian manage to haul themselves out of the car just before it slides into the water with Peter and Ben still trapped inside. A desperate Phil dives into the water and pulls Ben free as the car sinks below the surface. Phil dives back in for Peter, who is floating lifeless in the car.

Yolande hurries back to her house to check that Libby and Darren aren’t up to anything they shouldn’t be and finds them playing Scrabble. Yolande leaves the teenagers alone and Darren asks Libby if they’re a couple now. Libby spells out ‘yes’ on the Scrabble board and they kiss.

Bradley apologises to Stacey for being nosy about her relationship and admits that he’s just glad that she won’t be leaving Walford. Bradley takes Stacey’s phone out of her bag and sees that she has a message from ‘Jerry’, who says he’s stuck in with the wife and kids but he doesn’t realise that ‘Jerry’ is really Max…

Also, Stacey admits to Max that it’ll be difficult taking him away from his kids.

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