Phil’s back… and he’s charging!

Roxy and Ronnie are desperate to stay in Walford and when Peggy asks Shirley back behind the bar they decide to sabotage her shift. Peggy finds Shirley besieged by customers after Roxy and Ronnie offer the punters free drinks. The sisters sadly prepare to leave, but a worn out Peggy relents and confesses that Phil is still missing and she needs them to help out. But things are set to dramatically change when Phil rolls into the Vic…

Carly is furious when Kevin admits that he couldn’t go to the police about Deano and Chelsea and she confronts Shirley for talking him into it. Carly marches down to the police station but when confronted with the reality of ratting on her brother and step-sister, she backs out.

Jane catches Lucy stealing money from Ian’s belongings but she’s horrified when Lucy lies that Ian hit her and she wants to run away. Jane confronts a remorseful Ian, who admits that he came close to hitting Lucy but stopped himself just in time. Meanwhile, Lucy finds Deano and attempts to blackmail him, revealing that she knows that Sean didn’t hit Patrick.

Also, Preeti is disappointed that Mickey has a date; Garry’s appalled when mum Hazel says she’s broody!

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