Peggy panics about Sam‘s disappearance. Phil questions Jack, who promises to make a few calls to his police contacts. Roxy and Ben look through Sam’s things and Roxy finds an address book. Phil is rattled to learn that a bloke has been looking for him at the Arches with a warning. Phil confesses to Minty that the man is a loan shark and he’s in way over his head.

Chelsea comforts Jordan, who is upset that the council won’t approve his memorial tree for Trina. Chelsea asks for Dr Al’s help when the council call to say Jordan is staging a sit-in. The Head of Parks calls Jordan unruly and an incensed Chelsea and Dr Al join Jordan’s protest. When Chelsea threatens to increase numbers at the sit-in the Head of Parks relents.

Owen tells Liz he’ll be out of prison in time for Denise and Lucas’s wedding. Libby visits Owen and he promises to make things up to her when he’s released. Libby begs Owen to leave Denise and Lucas alone, but Owen says that he can’t let things lie now he knows what Lucas is really like.

Also, Roxy invites Al to Fargo’s and concludes the date with a kiss.

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